FAA Publishes Special Information on Nav Databases

 - December 2, 2013, 1:25 PM

 The FAA is reminding aircraft operators through a special airworthiness information bulletin– NOTC5068, issued November 22–about a few idiosyncrasies to keep in mind when updating aircraft navigational databases. “The cyclical updates may exclude certain navigation data, including approach procedures, which makes this information unavailable for selection on the aircraft flight management system or navigation equipment,” warned the bulletin. The agency’s attention was called to the issue after a number of in-flight scenarios in which crews were unable to load a particular approach being requested by ATC. The FAA added, “It is important to note that each avionics manufacturer processes aeronautical data differently and procedures excluded on one aircraft or system may not be excluded on another.” The FAA recommends that pilots become familiar with the most appropriate location to find information on the exclusions to their specific database and then remain vigilant for updates that might affect their operation. While the FAA doesn’t believe any of these situations warrant an airworthiness directive, it plans to keep an eye on the issue.