Embraer Legacy 450 Makes Successful First Flight

 - December 30, 2013, 12:10 PM
Embraer's Legacy 450 made its first flight on December 28.

On Saturday December 28, the Legacy 450, Embraer’s newest business jet, took to the air for the first time, according to the manufacturer.

Flown by company test pilots Eduardo Camelier and Eugênio Cará along with flight-test engineer Carlos Kobayashi, the twinjet successfully demonstrated its handling and performance characteristics during the hour and thirty-five minute flight.

The aircraft, launched in 2008 along with the Legacy 500, shares an avionics package with its larger sibling. “The full fly-by-wire system with sidestick flight controls made the flight very smooth,” said Camelier. “With the advanced avionics suite, the aircraft operation was easy and intuitive.”

As intended, the 450’s development process has lagged that of the midsize 500 by a year. “Besides setting a new standard in business aviation, delivering innovations that reflect our vision, our commitment to customers and our passion for excellence, I congratulate all Embraer people for achieving this important Legacy 450 program milestone on the scheduled date,” said company president and CEO Frederico Curado.

At NBAA’s annual Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in October, the company revised the jet’s previously quoted range upwards from 2,300 nm to 2,500 nm without compromising performance. The cabin length was also extended by a total of six inches, adding some extra space between seating areas.

Embraer expects to receive certification for the nine-passenger bizjet in early 2015.