NBAA CAM Study Groups Help Attract New Students

 - January 15, 2014, 12:15 PM

Now that NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, more people are interested in obtaining CAM certification and forming study groups to prepare for testing, according to Denise Wilson, president and CEO of Palm Springs-based Desert Jet. Wilson passed the CAM testing five years ago and is now a member of the CAM governing board, and she sees CAM certification as an excellent opportunity.

Desert Jet, which holds a Part 135 charter certificate and Part 145 repair station certificate, pays the costs for employees to prepare for CAM testing (about $1,000). “We’re noticing more companies are requiring that upper management have CAM certification,” she told AIN. “At Desert Jet it’s a preferred requirement.”

Currently 10 Desert Jet employees are in a CAM study group, including the director of maintenance. The study groups, Wilson has found, help encourage people to aim for CAM certification. Even though Desert Jet pays the expenses, she said, “it wasn’t until I started the study group that everybody got on board.” The group doesn’t meet in person because many members are pilots away from home base. Once a week, they share questions and information via email, then hold a conference call every six weeks.

Wilson sees CAM certification as an optimum way for mechanics to prepare for management jobs. “I think that’s a good path to elevate their knowledge and show they’re ready for a management position,” she said.