Russian Helicopters Ka-62 Medium Twin Delayed Again

 - January 21, 2014, 3:03 PM

Russian Helicopters is asking the Russian government for an extra RUB1.15 billion ($34 million) to complete the development of the Ka-62 medium twin. According to Russian newspaper Izvestya, this will come in addition to the $59 million already invested in the helicopter program.

Certification testing, which has yet to begin, will involve two flying prototypes and an iron bird. The first phase of testing is slated to start next month and run through November. In December, new equipment will be installed, including avionics, windshield de-icing and a usage and monitoring system.

The company attributes the program’s cost overrun and delays mainly to replacement of the NPO Saturn RD600 engines, which Russian Helicopters said could not meet international standards, with Turbomeca Ardiden 3Gs.

Compounding the added complication of an engine change, some suppliers are still late delivering their components. Russian certification has thus been postponed to late next year. The list price of the 14,300-pound-mtow Ka-62 is close to $10 million, Russian Helicopters said. The company has found two launch customers–Brazil’s Atlas Taxi Aereo and Colombia’s Vertical de Aviacion–for the 12- to 15-seat rotorcraft.