FltPlan Go App Offers Free Charts, Moving-map Services

 - January 30, 2014, 1:56 PM

FltPlan.com’s free FltPlan Go iPad app, available at the Apple App Store, was formally released last week. The new app uses the same flight-planning data in the app or on the company’s website.

“Since the service was born on the web, FltPlan’s servers save all flight-planning information and user documents,” said company president Ken Wilson. “Should a pilot’s mobile device, including an iPad, become unavailable, the pilot is just one Internet connection away from his data.”

Key features of the FltPlan Go app include a button to access the main FltPlan website, as well as buttons for airport data, charts, approach plates, a checklist, navlogs, weather, a scratchpad and a tool for drawing on approach charts, maps and navlogs. The checklist includes a switch to turn on voice readout. Maps and approach and taxi charts are geo-referenced.

Other features include breadcrumb trails of flight path flown, rubber-band route planning, offline flight planning and editing and FBO and airport information with fuel prices. FltPlan Go works with Sagetech Clarity ADS-B receivers and Sirius XM Weather.