Singapore Air Show

DAES Provides Support to Niche OEMs Worldwide

 - February 9, 2014, 6:20 PM

Helping niche OEMs, component makers and MRO service providers who lack global scale reach international markets has become a target for Dass Aero Engine Services (DAES). Today U.S.-based DAES is an independent global aviation aftermarket service organization providing sales and marketing services to the industry and to specialized equipment manufacturers.

With 13 offices around the world, DAES, which is here at the Singapore Airshow at Booth F100, represents some well known names: GKN Aerospace, SKF Aerospace and SR Technics. It also offers global sales and service support in the fields of capital equipment, and materials and services.

Stretching its reach into Asia, “DAES recognized the potential of the region when it set up the office in Amman specifically to support the capital equipment and ‘off-wing’ component repair requirements,” said Juerg Bartlome, managing director of DAES Dubai. “Today Dass operates two offices in the Middle East: one in Jordan and one in Dubai. The increased activities and opportunities in the past three years led to opening the second office in Dubai.”

DAES says the Middle East and Africa are the fastest-growing markets in the world for DAES principals. “For three or four years now, we have seen increased demand in the region,” said Bartlome. “The requirements are mainly centered around gaining expertise and spare parts, as well as the required equipment to start maintaining aircraft, components and engines locally. With all the aircraft orders placed, this trend will continue.”

“The potential volumes will also make this an attractive place for the OEMs and it can be expected that we will see more OEM facilities or joint ventures,” Bartolme added. “This will be further enhanced by governments, such as the UAE [United Arab Emirates], who provide attractive support not only for MRO companies but also for aviation manufacturing companies. The UAE’s Strata Manufacturing [producer of composite wing and empennage components] is one example of this.”

Bartlome also sees potential on the military side, especially in the Middle East. “In addition to all the civil activities we should not forget the opportunities with the different air forces in the region,” he said. “New equipment being delivered also means new MRO requirements.”

Two companies are forerunners of the current group. Dass and Associates was set up in Dallas, Texas, in 1994 to provide engine management and component repair, as well as to supply engine parts, and is now privately owned. In 1996, Dass entered a joint venture with Jetas KG International to provide specialized support to component repair organizations in North America and Asia Pacific. In 2000, Dass Aero Engine Services was founded following an agreement between Dass and Jetas to separate the business.