‘Home Equivalent’ Data Service for Aircraft To Be Ready in 2015, Say Honeywell and Inmarsat

 - February 11, 2014, 3:18 PM

Honeywell and Inmarsat have finalized the critical design review of the GX Aviation avionics, which is promised to bring “home equivalent” high-speed broadband service to both business jets and airliners. Certification of the avionics is expected later this year, followed by product introduction during the first half of next year. According to the companies, GX Aviation will provide data rates to the aircraft of up to 50Mbps, allowing for data-intensive applications such as live-streaming TV in flight from virtually anywhere in the world. The GX Aviation satellite network is expected to be in service by year-end.


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Business travelers worldwide rejoice hearing this! While I rarely ever need phone calls, just being able to steadily work while on a flight would be a game changer.

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