Singapore Air Show

Pavilion Tells The Local Air Force Story

 - February 12, 2014, 9:40 PM


A new feature at this year’s show that is well worth a visit, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Pavilion can be found in the static park. Full of graphics, video screens, and interactive displays, the 3,000 sq meter pavilion tells in three zones, the 45-year history of the RSAF and vividly portrays its current structure, activities and capabilities.

“The pavilion took many months to conceive,” said SLTC Randy Ong, the RSAF officer who was in charge of the project. He told AIN that the aim was “to help the public understand what we do.” But aerospace professionals attending the show should also find plenty to interest them.

In front of the pavilion, examples of most of the RSAF’s current aircraft and ground-based air defense systems can be found. RSAF pilots and groundcrew stand ready and willing to show visitors the cockpits and cabins of their fighters, helicopters and transports.

A few thousand Singaporeans have already toured the displays - the RSAF held a Families Day at the site last Saturday. No doubt it will be even more popular next weekend, during the airshow’s public days.