HAI’s Heli-Expo Show To Feature Rotor Safety Seminars

 - February 17, 2014, 2:07 PM

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) will offer registered attendees no fewer than 44 educational seminars during the three-day event’s rotor safety challenge at next week’s Heli-Expo show in Anaheim, Calif. The event opens with NTSB-led sessions covering lessons learned from helicopter accidents in which investigators will look at the facts gathered through safety recommendations related to pilot training and helicopter maintenance. Information recovered from flight data recorders will also be used to fuel a best-practices discussion from a number of industry experts.

Other HAI sessions will look at prime helicopter-specific topics such as the real meaning of a data-driven safety system, the unintended consequences that come with today’s modern cockpit technology, and the best methods for flight department managers and crews to talk about safety with their bosses.

Another session will focus on the International Helicopter Safety Team’s list of “12 dangerous things to do in flight” by connecting each to a specific accident. Other sessions include rotor-blade preventive maintenance, managing operational fatigue and facing the future in helicopter training.