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Tiger Tugs Model 12.0 Moves Big Bells With Ease

 - February 23, 2014, 9:00 AM

Tiger Tugs Helicopter Transport’s newest helicopter mover–the Model 12.0–can handle helicopters weighing up to 12,000 pounds. The Model 12.0 is ideal for handling aircraft such as the Bell 212 and 412 safely and easily, according to the Bend, Ore.-based company.

Tiger Tugs (Booth No. 7616) claims to have developed a new concept for moving helicopters safely and efficiently. “We took a fresh look at the tug market, interviewed users of other tugs, then set out to design a safer and easier-to-use vehicle,” the company explained.

The Tiger Tugs wireless remote control system allows the operator to maneuver a helicopter in tight hangar spaces while controlling the tug from any vantage point, according to Tiger Tugs. A single operator can use the tug to move a helicopter, so no additional people are needed to assure rotor blade and airframe clearance.

Tiger Tugs says it has the first true scissor-lift transport on the market. When it is positioned under the helicopter, its cross tubes move straight up and do not translate horizontally, eliminating guesswork about where the saddles will come to rest.