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Macquarie Adds More S-92s to Lease Fleet

 - February 24, 2014, 7:45 PM

San Francisco-based Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing (MRL, Booth No. 7802) announced yesterday here at Heli-Expo the purchases of two Sikorsky S-92A twin-engine helicopters for its growing fleet aimed at supporting operators in the oil-and-gas and search-and-rescue markets. The two S-92s will be leased back to Avincis subsidiary Bond Offshore Helicopters and will be delivered in the second quarter of 2014.

“We’re really targeting the intermediate twin and heavy twin sector,” Macquarie COO James Clarke said of its growing portfolio of rotorcraft. MRL purchased two S-92As and two S-76Ds in November, and recently added an additional S-76D and two other helicopters to its roster.

Launched last July, MRL is wholly owned by Australia’s Macquarie Bank, which also has fixed-wing aircraft and rail leasing businesses. Clarke said the bank’s experience in transportation leasing and its deep pockets will give MRL an advantage in the growing helicopter leasing space. “It gives us an opportunity to transact very quickly,” said Clarke. “We have the benefit of a very strong shareholder that really understands the assets and wants to be a meaningful player in the industry.”

MRL plans to work with operators anywhere in the world. “It’s a global business, and we’re going to go where the customers are,” Clarke said. As for its goals here in Anaheim, “We’re going to use Heli-Expo as an opportunity to showcase Macquarie Leasing,” Clarke said. “We’ll have a lot of conversations with OEMs and customer visits, so it’s really going to accelerate transactions.”