Royal Jet Narrows Fleet Renewal Choice to Three

 - February 25, 2014, 8:40 AM
Royal Jet CEO Shane O'Hare will be giving all leading business aircraft manufacturers the opportunity to bid to update its fleet. [Photo: Royal Jet]

This article contains additional information from the story first published on February 24.

Abu Dhabi-based charter group Royal Jet expects to announce plans to buy new aircraft for its charter fleet by the end of June. The company, which is marking its 10th anniversary this year, has indicated that it is ready to spend $700 million to buy new aircraft over the next 6 years. At the Air Expo show in Abu Dhabi today, it indicated that Boeing Business Jets is competing with Airbus Corporate Jets and Bombardier for the new orders.

“[In late 2012,] Royal Jet announced a complete renewal of its fleet by 2020 at a total value of $700 million, signalling a new era for the region’s leading private aviation operator,” the company said in a February 22 press statement. Company board members have expressed a preference for Boeing Business Jets, although CEO Shane O’Hare has stressed that all major business aircraft manufacturers will be invited to tender. Royal Jet today owns the world’s largest BBJ fleet, comprising six of the airliner-class jets.

Last year, Boeing Business Jets and Royal Jet shared a chalet at the Air Expo event, but this year the two companies have separate exhibits. Royal Jet will have a medevac-customised Gulfstream G300 on display, as well as a BBJ.

Royal Jet is jointly and equally owned by Abu Dhabi stock exchange-listed Abu Dhabi Aviation and the government-backed Presidential Flight Authority, which is Abu Dhabi’s royal flight service.