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FlyIt Adds R66 and Bell 407 To Standard Sim

 - February 26, 2014, 3:00 PM
The FLYIT Advanced Flight Motion System simulator is FAA-approved for VFR and IFR helicopter training.

Last year at Heli-Expo simulator manufacturer FlyIt Technology (Booth No. 2433) enlightened attendees about the advantages of flight simulation for helicopter training and proficiency. The display of FlyIt’s “Advanced Flight Motion System,” which replicates the feel of flying in a non-moving device, was a success. Deliveries began in July 2013, with simulators going to Russia, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala and Angola.

This year Robinson R66 and Bell 407 flight models have been added to the FlyIt simulator so that a standard configured simulator now comes with nine different flight models. Engine and airframe vibration are also now standard on all FlyIt simulators, such that you can feel the skids touch down. For complexity of mission the company now offers dense traffic scenarios, as well.

The FlyIt simulators are FAA-approved for VFR and IFR training. Included with each simulator is super accurate detail, navaids and scenery of the operator’s airport or training center. The FlyIt devices come with a five-year warranty and fit inside a self-contained trailer for easy transport of the training operation.

Heli-Expo attendees who want to try the simulator can line up at the FlyIt booth and fly one of the few items on the Heli-Expo exhibit hall floor that you can actually fly in the building.