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New Dart AS350 Heli-basket Boasts Increased Load Capacity

 - February 26, 2014, 7:05 PM

Dart Aerospace (Booth No. 6814) has improved on its quick release heli-utility basket for the Airbus AS350 and AS355 helicopters. The new baskets can handle up to 100 pounds more load (332 pounds total) without any Vne restriction. The 96-inch or 56.8-inch-long baskets can be installed on either side of the aircraft by one person with no tools, in just one minute, and are equipped with lightweight fabric lids or, if the operator prefers, a heavy duty metal lid. The baskets are compatible with space pods and squirrel cheeks and sport integrated carrying handles. They cost just under $13,000 apiece. A retrofit kit is also available for customers that own previous generations of the Dart heli-utility basket, as well.