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Enstrom Moves One Step Closer to Glass Cockpits

 - February 27, 2014, 3:08 PM

The merging of glass cockpit technology to legacy Enstrom (Booth No. 8822) helicopters moved closer to reality this week, with Aspen STC announcing the completion of flight testing toward FAA supplemental type certificate approval to install the Aspen Avionics Evolution EFD1000H primary flight display (PFD) and EFD500H/1000H multifunction display (MFD) on current and future Enstrom models.

“As an Enstrom pilot myself, I know first hand the benefits gained by installing the latest glass panel technology,” said Aspen STC president Jeff Mandel. “With this STC, we will be able to improve reliability and decrease maintenance costs through the replacement of mechanical navigation instruments.”

Final STC approval is expected within approximately 60 days, the company added, and will cover installation of one- and two-tube Aspen display configurations on Enstrom F-28A, F-28C, F-28F, 280, 280C, 280F, 280FX, 480 and 480B models.