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ForeFlight Highlights Apps for Helicopters at Heli-Expo 2014

 - February 27, 2014, 1:26 PM

Houston-based ForeFlight (Booth No. 3603), creator of ForeFlight Mobile iPad app, is here at Heli-Expo showcasing features in the app it claims helicopter pilots “can’t live without.”

These features include subscription-free ADS-B weather; hazard overlays; and a color-coded flight rules feature that provides basic weather conditions information at a glance. The information can be used for pre-flight preparation or en route, when ADS-B IN weather is available or using an inflight Internet connection.

ForeFlight noted that the NTSB has added helicopter operations to its list of 10 Most Wanted List of transportation improvements for 2014, along with identifying and communicating hazardous weather conditions in the general aviation community, both of which can be improved through the use of mobile flight apps. The company is also presenting 15-minute technology sessions here at the show in conjunction with Sporty’s and Appareo, manufacturer of the Stratus and Stratus 2 ADS-B receivers, highlighting the benefits of mobile apps for aerial navigation.