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GE Aviation Signs First ESA for AgustaWestland AW389 Powerplant

 - February 27, 2014, 1:40 PM

GE Aviation (Booth No. 7202) joined with Bristow Group on Wednesday to sign the first engine service agreement for the CT7-2E1 turboshaft engine powering the AW189 helicopter.

“We’re pleased to sign the first service agreement for the growing CT7-2E1 fleet with Bristow, which has operated more than 100 GE CT7 turboshaft engines for more than 10 years,” said GE Aviation turboshaft engines manager Ed Birtwell. “The MCPH program provides our customers a customized service solution on a firm fixed price per engine flight hour basis that we will support with OEM expertise, parts and dedicated management.”

The CT7-2E1 agreement builds on Bristow’s existing seven-year GE Aviation maintenance cost per hour (MCPH) program contract on the CT7-8A turboshafts that power the operator’s Sikorsky S-92 fleet. “The program, backed by OEM expertise, provides significant value to Bristow and to our customers,” added Bristow vice president and chief technical officer John Cloggie.

The AW189 received EASA certification in early February.