Argus Reports 2013 Safety Management System Results

 - March 10, 2014, 1:30 PM

Internal evaluation programs and safety training account for a majority of the deficiencies highlighted in the 2013 audit report from Argus International based on its involvement with customers’ implementation of safety management systems (SMS) and their day-to-day operations. All aspects of the flight operation are reviewed during each audit, including the organization’s safety management system. The report is a summary of audit results and how they compare with the Argus Platinum and IS-BAO standards.

Argus said the majority of the findings point to deficiencies in internal evaluation programs (IEP) and safety training. An IEP is especially important because it can uncover latent process or program weakness within operations and maintenance before they become causal factors in an accident or incident.

On the safety training side, Argus found that a lack of continuing education and SMS training for safety managers accounted for many of the recommendations. Argus says it is important that safety managers initiate participation in self-development and safety conferences and courses as a way of immersing a flight department in safety management concepts and practices.

The report includes quantitative and explanatory breakdowns of the following areas: internal evaluation program, safety management system training, safety management system manual, hazard reporting, risk assessment, safety committee, general operating manual, safety policy and the fatigue risk management system.