NBAA Lists Top Business Aviation Safety Priorities

 - March 10, 2014, 1:50 PM

Last week the NBAA’s safety committee published its annual list of top business aviation safety priorities designed to promote safety-focused discussion and advocacy within the business aviation community. The list this year includes the need to establish a positive safety culture, single-pilot safety, crewmember fitness for duty, airport safety, airmanship skills, distraction management, public policy, managing the talent pipeline and technology management.

On the issue of a pilot’s fitness for duty, for example, the committee believes that today’s physically and mentally demanding environment requires a clear mind and a healthy body for the safe operation, maintenance and management of any business aircraft.

Because accident rates are higher for single-pilot aircraft, the committee also believes that arming pilots flying alone with the tools to manage that environment safely has become more important then ever.

Distraction management is new to this year’s list and encompasses not only task saturation and situational awareness, but also distractions created by pressures away from the cockpit.

The committee developed the list with input from many of NBAA’s other standing committees, as well as from the FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board, the Flight Safety Foundation’s Business Advisory Committee and regional business aviation groups.