South Korea Says Asiana 214 Pilots Partially to Blame

 - April 7, 2014, 11:30 AM

Last week the NTSB released a letter it received in mid-March from South Korea’s Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board (KARAIB) claiming that the pilots of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 were not totally responsible for the accident last July at San Francisco International Airport that killed three people and destroyed a Boeing 777.

“Asiana offers a detailed description of its comprehensive flight crew-training regime, and it acknowledges, where appropriate, the areas in which the accident pilots fell short of expected standards of performance,” said the Korean investigators in the letter to their U.S. counterparts. “Importantly, the submission identifies several important factors that directly contributed to the accident, including inconsistencies and inadequacies in the aircraft’s automation logic and alerting system. Asiana also outlines additional safety steps it has already taken to ensure that such an accident never happens again.”