Argus SMS Software Now Includes Aircrew Fatigue Meter

 - April 29, 2014, 2:27 PM

Argus added an aviation fatigue meter, a “proprietary algorithm and system that translates raw user data into actionable fatigue information” developed by Pulsar Informatics, into its Prism Armor safety management system (SMS) software. Argus said that users will be able to monitor and analyze crew fatigue more accurately and make more informed decisions.

“Business aviation has struggled to accurately and effectively capture the fatigue problem, relying exclusively on duty limits and static flight-scheduling limitations,” noted Argus Prism vice president for business aviation safety systems Steve Witowski. “Prism can now move operators beyond these limitations through the integration of the fatigue meter into our flight risk-assessment tool, facilitating real fatigue management and attacking one of the most prominent risks faced by business aviation operations.”

Pulsar’s aviation fatigue meter was developed and backed by years of research by leading sleep and fatigue specialists, culminating in “a sophisticated biomathematical model that scientifically evaluates fatigue data.” Argus said the meter meets ICAO’s definition of a fatigue risk management system as a “data-driven means of continuously monitoring and managing fatigue-related safety risks that aims to ensure crewmembers are performing at adequate levels of alertness.”