SyberJet Breaks Ground on SJ30 Delivery Center

 - May 6, 2014, 3:20 PM

SyberJet Aircraft celebrated the groundbreaking for a new completion and delivery center on Thursday at Cedar City (Utah) Regional Airport, where its SJ30 light jets will be finished and delivered to customers. SyberJet owner MSC Aerospace also owns the adjacent Metalcraft Technologies, a long-time manufacturer of metal aircraft and turbine engine components, including about 70 percent of the SJ30’s airframe structure. SyberJet was formed by MSC in 2011 and purchased the SJ30 assets from bankrupt Emivest Aerospace.

The company is planning to deliver the newest version, the SJ30i equipped with a Honeywell Primus Epic 2.0/SyberVision cockpit and Jason Castriota Design interior, late next year, followed in 2017 by the SJ30x powered by more powerful and efficient Williams FJ44-3A engines delivering about 200 nm added range. Four SJ30s are in service and all four showed up for the groundbreaking, including actor and pilot Morgan Freeman’s S/N 10.

At the ceremony, Freeman announced that he is buying the first SJ30i and the first SJ30x. Six people who attended the groundbreaking have contracts for SJ30s. The Metalcraft and SyberJet facilities can manufacture up to 24 jets per year, but the line will be profitable at 12 per year, according to SyberJet president Chuck Taylor.