Jon Beatty Takes Over at Flight Safety Foundation

 - May 12, 2014, 10:51 AM
Jon Beatty has become the new CEO of the Flight Safety Foundation after an extensive career in the aero engine industry.

Jon Beatty began his tenure as the Flight Safety Foundation’s new CEO last month, replacing Kevin Hiatt, who has joined the International Air Transportation Association. Aircraft go-arounds remain one of the top concerns for the FSF and its new leader.

The issue is not just the limited number of pilots actually performing the maneuver, but also how poorly many of those same pilots handle this seldom-used maneuver. The FSF, in conjunction with 15 other aviation organizations, in June 2013 released findings about the true risks of a lack of pilot go-around proficiency. “We have a pretty good protocol right now for how we fly instrument approaches. What is less well documented is when to make a go-around decision,” said Beatty. “The most recent accidents [Asiana 214 and UPS 1354] have both involved approach and landing [configurations].” Experts agree that in the case of the Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco in July 2013, a timely go-around would have prevented the accident.

Enabling secure data sharing is another of the new CEO’s priorities. “Data will, of course, set us free,” he told AIN. “But up until now there has always been a lot of data that people don’t want to share because they’re fearful of what might happen to it. Right now ICAO has some of the information and IATA also has some as well. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a standard database for all of this?”

The foundation’s goal is to help create a system that cleanses data so only the relevant facts appear, not the person or company sharing that data.

Beatty was previously president and CEO of International Aero Engines, during a tenure that included buying out the Rolls-Royce share of the company to better compete with Pratt & Whitney.