ERA, RAA Formalize Cooperation

 - May 13, 2014, 5:38 PM

The European Regions Airline Association and the Regional Airline Association formalized a “long-standing working relationship” during a signing ceremony on Tuesday during the RAA’s annual convention in St. Louis. The memorandum of cooperation between the groups involves sharing best practices and joint communications and public relations work to raise the profile and influence of regional operators and operations on both continents. The associations also plan to exchange intelligence and proposals by U.S. and European regulators.

Specific areas of cooperation also include mutual involvement in each group’s annual convention/conference; exchange of information and, where possible, direct collaboration at an expert level on operations, maintenance, political, security and safety issues; joint communications and public relations efforts; regular contact between the heads of both association and the possibility of regular joint board and/or working group meetings.

ERA’s and RAA’s members share a great deal of common challenges and opportunities, and it makes perfect sense to work even more closely together for the benefit of both our memberships,” said ERA director general Simon McNamara. “Collectively, our members move over 200 million passengers on both sides of the Atlantic; today’s agreement means that our shared experience and knowledge can be put to good use to defend, protect and support our airlines and the value chain of suppliers that we also work with and represent.”