Piaggio Soups Up and Hushes the Avanti

 - May 19, 2014, 2:10 PM

Piaggio Aero launched the Avanti EVO, an upgraded version of the Avanti twin turboprop, today at EBACE. Fitted with winglets, redesigned engine nacelles, a reshaped front wing and five-blade composite scimitar propellers, the Avanti EVO will have better performance, greater passenger comfort and enhanced safety features compared with the Avanti II.

Improved performance allows the EVO to climb 3 percent faster to its ceiling of 41,000 feet, and range in standard configuration is 1,470 nm, a 17-percent improvement. Piaggio has also introduced an optional configuration that extends the EVO’s range to 1,720 nm.

Inside, the Avanti EVO sports new seats, improved cabin air conditioning and better lighting. Thanks to the new composite propellers, interior cabin noise is reduced by 20 percent, while external noise is cut by 68 percent. Safety enhancements include an anti-skid braking system, something that operators have long been asking Piaggio to incorporate into the airplane.

Piaggio flew a company prototype with the EVO’s redesigned engine nacelles and propellers a year ago, and in the fall it began testing the winglets. Many of the certification requirements have been completed, with just a few elements, such as the environmental control system, remaining. The first EVO might be delivered in time to make its debut at the NBAA Convention in October, Piaggio said.


The title of the article claims they hushed the Avanti and I was wondering if you could expand on that.  The composite scimitar propellers are not inherently quieter and a big complaint about the Avanti is how the turbine exhaust interacts with the blades as it passes through them.  Did they come up with a design to address that sound?

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