Teal Group Sees Continuing Shift Toward Larger Bizjets

 - May 20, 2014, 2:15 PM

The business aviation market’s shift toward larger aircraft continues, and the effect on the industry is growing, according to Teal Group’s latest annual business jet overview. “Last year saw a welcome but largely meaningless upturn, with an impressive 16.3-percent increase in deliveries by value,” said Teal vice president of analysis Richard Aboulafia. “But all of this growth came from large-cabin jets, particularly Gulfstream’s G650. All the smaller segments remained firmly stuck in first gear.”

During the 2008 to 2012 decline, the top half of the market–jets costing $26 million and more–actually grew slightly in value, he added, while the bottom half suffered a catastrophic 56-percent drop. “The growth we saw in 2013 means that market bifurcation has gone into overdrive,” Aboulafia explained.

The Teal Group forecasts production of 13,030 business aircraft worth $325.6 billion over the next decade. By value, 63 percent of the revenue will be generated by the larger categories. The last 10 years saw production of 11,398 business aircraft worth $234.6 billion.