Cessna Citation Latitude Receives TIA, First Production Aircraft Joins Test Fleet

 - May 22, 2014, 10:48 AM

Cessna Aircraft received an FAA Type Inspection Authorization (TIA) certificate for the Citation Latitude, the Wichita-based aircraft manufacturer announced this week at EBACE. The TIA allows Cessna to begin accumulating flight hours that will apply toward certification.

Meanwhile, the first production Latitude has joined the flight-test program, and the wing of the second production unit has been mated to the fuselage. Cessna expects the second production Latitude to join the flight-test fleet this summer.

“All systems are performing as expected on the Citation Latitude prototype and first production aircraft, and we’re eager to continue the progress in this next stage of flight-testing,” said Cessna vice president for business jets Chris Hearne. “We have an aggressive certification program that is possible because the Citation Latitude uses proven Cessna technologies and mature systems.”

The Citation Latitude test program has logged more than 60 flights and 130 hours since first flight in February. FAA certification is on track for the second quarter of next year, according to Cessna.