Pilots of Accident GIV Noted ‘Control Problems’

 - June 5, 2014, 6:00 PM

The pilots of the Gulfstream IV-SP that crashed on Saturday while taking off from Runway 11 at Bedford Hanscom Field near Boston reported “control problems” after reaching rotation speed, according to preliminary cockpit voice recorder information released by the NTSB on Tuesday evening. All seven people aboard–three crewmembers and four passengers–died in the runway overrun accident.

NTSB senior investigator Luke Schiada, who is the investigator in charge for this accident, declined to elaborate further about the “control problems,” but he did say the crew made the normal V1 and Vr callouts before noting the problem and aborting the takeoff. Schiada also said that the preliminary flight data recorder information indicated that the GIV-SP did not become airborne and reached 165 knots before it “began decelerating as thrust reversers were engaged and brake pressures rose.” The aircraft left tire marks of an unspecified length on Runway 11.

The Gulfstream crashed into a ravine in a wooded area about 2,000 feet beyond the end of the runway along its extended centerline. The aircraft was largely consumed in a post-crash fire. Investigators are expected to remain on scene throughout this week.