Bingham Leaves Piaggio America in Planned Departure

 - July 5, 2014, 4:45 AM

John Bingham, who has been president and CEO of Piaggio America and chief marketing officer at parent company Piaggio Aero Industries since 2009, left the company on May 30. The company said the move was a planned departure, but was delayed until after it had announced the upgraded Avanti Evo at EBACE in mid-May. Giuliano Felten, Piaggio Aero’s executive senior vice president of civil sales, took over as president and CEO of Piaggio America early last month.

According to Piaggio, Bingham “successfully steered the group’s marketing activities and all of Piaggio Aero’s North and South American operations.” The company noted that he also led its “industry-leading response to unique challenges in the U.S. market and collaborations with the FAA,” which includes the issuance of a 22-page mandatory Service Bulletin in September that outlined inspections needed for the 56 ex-Avantair Piaggio Avantis to regain airworthiness certification.

Bingham also guided the sales and marketing launch of the Avanti Evo, which the company hopes will reverse its slumping sales. In 2008, Piaggio delivered a record 30 Avantis, boosted by deliveries to now-defunct fractional provider Avantair. As fortunes turned for the worse at Avantair, Piaggio’s best customer until it went bankrupt last June, so too did aircraft shipments. In fact, the company delivered 11 Avantis in 2010, 14 in 2011, five in 2012, two last year and none in the first quarter of this year.

Now that his “commitment” to see the Evo through to its launch is complete, Bingham said he is free “to embark on some new challenges I wanted to do.”