Louisiana Parish Mulls Runway Expansion

 - July 5, 2014, 4:25 AM

In an effort to make its airport more attractive to business jet users, authorities at the Avoyelles Parish Airport Authority in central Louisiana have approved a five-year improvement plan for Marksville Municipal Airport, the cornerstone of which is a $2 million extension to the runway. Currently at 3,800 feet, the runway at the propeller-only airport is unusable by all but the smallest private jets, even if jet fuel were available; the proposed 1,200-foot addition would provide midsize jets a comfortable length for takeoffs and landings. Though the plan was approved, it has yet to be funded and authorities are campaigning for the public support necessary for FAA funding consideration. The authorities find themselves in Catch-22: people want to see jets using the runway to prove that an extension is warranted, but jets cannot land there until an extension is completed.