Harrison Ford, NBAA, AOPA File SMO Part 16 Complaint

 - July 8, 2014, 2:40 PM

NBAA, AOPA, airport businesses, local aircraft owners and a corporate operator have filed a Part 16 complaint with the FAA about California’s Santa Monica Airport. The complaint seeks to settle the issue of when the city, which owns and operates the airport, is no longer subject to grant assurance obligations that require it to keep the airport open. While the city believes that its obligations expire on July 1 next year, the complainants claim that a 2003 request by the city to amend the last grant agreement extended the period of time that the airport must remain open to August 2023.

According to the complaint, “Formal confirmation of the city’s grant assurance obligations is essential to prevent further, possibly fatal, erosion of the airport’s viability and availability for all users and the general public.” The complainants include Krueger Aviation, flight school Justice Aviation, maintenance provider Kim Davidson Aviation, aircraft owners/operators Aero Film, Youri Bujko, James Ross and pilot-actor Harrison Ford and frequent Santa Monica Airport user Paramount Citrus.

Part 16 proceedings are formal complaints filed by parties “substantially affected by the alleged noncompliance” and will be investigated by the FAA Office of Airport Compliance, “if there appears to be a reasonable basis for further investigation.”