FAA Wants To Change Training Device Rules

 - July 14, 2014, 1:37 PM

The FAA published a notice of proposed rulemaking 2014-0391 in the Federal Register last week to amend qualifications standards for some flight simulation training devices (FSTDs), specifically those capable of reproducing extended flight envelope and adverse weather event training. The agency believes the industry needs new technical standards for evaluating an FSTD for full stall and stick pusher maneuvers, upset recognition and recovery maneuvers, maneuvers conducted in airborne icing conditions, takeoff and landing maneuvers in gusting crosswinds, and bounced landing recovery maneuvers.

The improved technical standards are expected to fully define FSTD fidelity requirements to conduct these new training maneuvers required in air carrier training. The standards are also expected to address various National Transportation Safety Board and aviation rulemaking committee recommendations. The proposal should also align with current international FSTD evaluation guidance as it introduces a new FSTD level that expands the number of qualified flight training tasks in a training device.

Comments on the proposal can be sent to the FAA until October 5 via the Federal eRulemaking Portal.