New Lighting System Reduces Spatial Disorientation

 - July 21, 2014, 1:45 PM

An Australian company has created a cockpit lighting system that might also solve the persistent issue of pilot spatial disorientation.

With current technology a pilot must first recognize disorientation using the attitude indicator and other supporting flight instruments. The Go Light, which has received provisional patent approval, is a system of cockpit lights that gives pilots a constant reference point of the horizon in their peripheral vision.

“The Go Light mitigates unrecognized spatial disorientation and allows pilots more freedom to concentrate on other instruments while maintaining an almost subconscious and accurate awareness of their attitude,” said the system’s creator, pilot Russell Crane. He added that the Go Light is the first attitude indication instrument to provide a full illumination function that would bathe the cockpit in a field of light visible to pilots at all times.

The system includes external pivoting fuselage lights to replicate the in-cockpit system outside the aircraft.