White Paper: To Compete, MROs Must Invest in Technology

 - August 6, 2014, 11:50 AM

Competing in the MRO business requires more than just maintenance skills and a good price, according to one company. Rick Veague, chief technical officer for IFS North America, a global enterprise software vendor, believes it also takes simple and efficient data tracking.

“As business becomes more challenging and complex, there is an increased, rather than a diminished, need for simplicity. Enterprise software suites deliver this simplicity by bringing data and processes together cross-functionally. A good ERP [enterprise resource planning] suite should be like an open concept office, where everyone can interact and collaborate freely, maximizing organizational agility.”

In a recent white paper Kevin Deal, the company’s vice president for aerospace and defense, explains what MROs should be doing to stay viable in the growing and ever-changing maintenance support market. Deal believes integrating data and metrics is key. Operators must be able to track the cost of labor versus the cost of an individual component, with that information cross-referenced to the need for the plane to be returned to service at a certain time. And all data must be in one place to achieve this visibility and for smaller MRO shops to remain compliant with the requirements.

“This by its very nature demands increased agility in order to cope with such change, and that requires an advanced enterprise resource planning support system. It is clear that manually driven spreadsheets and paper-based management systems are not up to the requirements of the civil aviation market today. Mobile applications combined with a sophisticated ERP support solution will help MRO shops to keep up with the pace of change we are currently seeing in the market, and help them to move forward and embrace further changes in the future. It’s all about agility,” he said.