European Air Charter Basks in Summer Vacation Boom

 - August 7, 2014, 2:40 PM

Demand for charter flights in Europe looks set to increase steeply over the remainder of the continent’s peak summer vacation season, according to the latest projections from online charter portal Avinode.

The strongest spike is expected in the light jet sector, with the company’s European demand index on August 6 showing projected demand rising by 105 points, to 705.1, in this category versus a month ago. The index for midsize jets rose by nearly 66 points, to 450.8, and demand for heavy jets is projected to be up by almost 25 points, to 186.8.

In North America, the air charter demand index for the next 30 days showed a more moderate 14-point increase for light jets, to 310.4. The index for midsize and large-cabin jet categories–at 148.1 and 112.1, respectively–remained nearly unchanged compared with one month ago. In all sectors, and on both sides of the Atlantic, projected demand is markedly higher than it was a year ago.

Fluctuations in Avinode’s pricing index were, as usual, far more moderate.