U.S. Air Force: Controllers May Have Cheated on Exams

 - August 11, 2014, 10:50 AM

The U.S. Air Force said Friday it had initiated an investigation at Grand Forks AFB into allegations of cheating on proficiency exams by a number of air traffic controllers attached to the 319th Operations Support Squadron. One airman was caught with images of test material the Air Force alleges were shared with other controllers.

All Air Force air traffic controllers are certified through an Air Force process that conforms with FAA standards. None of the 319th personnel has been de-certified, but the airmen involved in the incident are not currently being scheduled for ATC-related duties. The 319th began administering new proficiency tests on August 5.

Testing failures are subject to standing Air Force procedures that include retraining and retesting. The USAF’s Air Mobility Command sent a three-member team of ATC experts to Grand Forks to perform a re-inspection of the 319th OSS standardization, evaluation and training programs.

“It is important to note that at no time was safety, security or effectiveness of the air traffic control mission ever in jeopardy,” said the Air Force in a news release.