Arsa Reviewing Amended Repair Station Regulations

 - August 13, 2014, 10:55 AM

The FAA has issued amended repair station regulations that allow the agency to deny an application for a new repair station certificate if the applicant or certain associated key individuals had materially contributed to the circumstances that caused a previous repair station certificate revocation action. The rule also adds a new section prohibiting fraudulent or intentionally false entries or omissions of material facts in any application, record or report made under the repair station rules.

Sarah MacLeod, executive director of the Aeronautical Repair Station Association (Arsa), told AIN, “Arsa is reviewing the changes that were not contained in the original notice of proposed rulemaking. The association is not confident that the agency understands the ramification of changing text without comment or explanation. The attempt to keep bad actors from controlling the quality of a repair station’s work is laudable but will create more consternation than it stops. The fact that the agency removed ‘voluntary’ from the surrender process is certainly problematic. To demand that the company receive the agency’s permission when it wishes to cease operating as a repair station to prevent avoidance of a certificate action is killing a flea with an atomic bomb.”

The FAA cites the necessity of the changes because the repair station rules do not currently provide such safeguards as do other parts of the FAA’s regulations. The FAA maintains that both of the changes will enhance safety by reducing the number of individuals in the repair station industry who commit intentional and serious violations of the regulations or who demonstrate they are otherwise unqualified to hold repair station certificates.