AIN Seeks Operator Input on FAA Letters of Authorization Delays

 - August 14, 2014, 3:00 PM

Business aircraft operators are frustrated that the FAA takes so long–months in many cases–to sign off Letters of Authorization (LOA), principally for RVSM operations. One operator has been waiting five months for an LOA after a Falcon changed ownership in April; this jet is flown and maintained by the same crew, and it was already N registered and RVSM approved before the sale. The operator recently nearly declared an emergency because he wasn’t allowed to climb above 29,000 feet and was facing a line of thunderstorms. If you have experienced significant delays with the LOA process that compromise safety, or if you are an FAA inspector who wishes to give your side of this issue, please contact AIN senior editor Matt Thurber with full assurance of anonymity.