Brazilian Presidential Candidate Dies In Bizjet Crash

 - August 14, 2014, 3:35 PM

Brazilian Socialist Party presidential candidate Eduardo Campos was among seven people killed aboard a Cessna Citation XLS+ that crashed around 10 a.m. yesterday while trying to land at Guaruja military air base, near the city of Santos. The Santos fire department confirmed that 11 people on the ground were injured when the aircraft crashed into the Boqueirão residential area, damaging five properties. The twinjet was destroyed by impact and a post-crash fire.

Officials from the local air accident investigation agency, Seripa, are at the crash site about 53 miles southeast of São Paulo, but the case is expected to be handed over to national agency Cenipa. The local officials described weather conditions as “bad” at the time of the accident and said that Guaruja had been open only to IFR operations. Investigators said they recovered the aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder.

The Citation was registered in Brazil (tail number PR-AFA) and operated by private company AF Andrade. According to registration details, the aircraft was still owned by Cessna Finance Export and was licensed for private flights only.

Campos, 49, who was running third in opinion polls ahead of the October 5 election, had departed Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont Airport earlier yesterday.