Aircraft Resale Group Launches New Discount Program

 - August 21, 2014, 3:27 PM

The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) rolled out its new Value+ program, which provides exclusive discounts and special offers to clients of NARA-certified brokers and dealers. It officially launched yesterday with a deal from Asset Insight, a NARA products and services member that offers a service allowing aircraft owners and operators to “objectively analyze and grade” their aircraft’s technical condition and compare its value to that of aircraft listed for sale.

“We are eager to initiate this new program for our NARA customers because of the significance it adds to the aircraft buyer’s experience,” said NARA chairman Brad Harris, who is also president of Dallas Jet International. “There are more than 40 NARA products-and-services members from the most admired businesses in the industry so we look forward to creating a notable portfolio of Value+ offers from our group.”

Under this first Value+ deal, any client using a NARA-certified broker or dealer for an aircraft transaction is eligible to receive a year of free quarterly analytics from Asset Insight, along with a 10-percent discount for these services after that year is up. According to NARA, this offer saves clients $3,568 during year one and an additional $5,000 over five years.