Traxxall Unveils New Aircraft Maintenance Tracker

 - August 21, 2014, 3:20 PM

Traxxall Technologies announced a new aircraft maintenance tracking service for business aviation yesterday. The new purpose-built, Web-based system is claimed to improve business aircraft operators’ ability to track maintenance on their aircraft, ensure regulatory compliance and protect aircraft residual values. It is available for all fixed- and rotary-wing business aircraft.

The company’s cloud-based system, which is secured by Microsoft Azure for “best-in-class data protection,” offers features such as: customizable screens and reports, including a “compliance dial” that displays aircraft status; automation of previously manual tasks, including the automatic retrieval of relevant Airworthiness Directives; high system speed and redundancy; and a “holding area” that acts as a “digital in-tray,” where clients control the revisions on their aircraft.

“We let the market shape the system and designed it based on specific feedback from clients on how they wanted to manage their aircraft maintenance,” said Traxxall president George Tsopeis. “Whether you’re an owner/operator, director of maintenance or continuing airworthiness management organization, you can customize the system for your needs and have more control over your operations.”