NBAA Updates Light Business Airplane Buyer’s Guide

 - August 28, 2014, 3:25 PM

NBAA released the 2014 edition of its Light Business Airplane Buyer’s Guide today. First published in 2009, the guide provides an overview of new light business airplanes currently in production for business people who rely on or are looking to invest in light airplanes.

The guide, available only to NBAA members, enables users to make apples-to-apples comparisons of new piston singles and twins, turboprops, very light jets and light jets across eight categories. Data includes base prices, external and internal dimensions, weight limits, powerplant specifications, operating speeds and takeoff and landing distances for new production aircraft or those nearing production. Emerging aircraft models without sufficient publicly available specifications were omitted from this guide, NBAA said.

“This guide is just one of many resources that the association provides to help light business airplane owners and operators run a safe, efficient and cost-effective flight operation,” said NBAA vice president of regulatory and international affairs Doug Carr. Other similar resources from NBAA include a light business airplane flight operations manual template, aircraft transactions checklist, aircraft operating and ownership options website, and online tax, insurance, risk management and safety resources.