Dassault Chooses USB Supplier

 - September 5, 2014, 1:50 AM

Dassault Aviation has tapped Esoteric, a New York City-based provider of cockpit and cabin USB chargers, to supply its new SkyDock line of USB chargers for Falcons. Installations will begin later this year. The growing use of portable electronic devices and the need to replenish their power has made USB ports a hot commodity in the cabin and cockpit interior worlds.

Dassault chose Esoteric’s SkyDock USB chargers for their small footprint, technical specifications and comprehensive warranty, according to Esoteric. SkyDocks provide full current output for Apple iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or any portable electronic device using the Lightning connector cable. They are also compatible with consumer-grade USB-charged devices such as Android smartphones and tablets and digital music players and cameras, and may be installed in seats, cabin side ledges and monuments.

“We are honored by Dassault’s trust in us,” said Robert Pecanic, Jr., Esoteric’s director of operations.