Cessna Sees Indian Reforms Boosting Bizav Demand

 - February 6, 2013, 4:39 AM
Cessna is exhibiting its Citation Mustang light jet at Aero India 2013, but also sees business applications for its Caravan single turboprop in the country's fast-growing economy. [Photo: Vladimir Karnozov].


Cessna sees growing demand in India for both its Caravan and Citation families. The U.S. manufacturer believes that business applications for the aircraft will increase in response to anticipated government reforms intended to improve infrastructure and free up market access.

“India is expected to be amongst the world’s fastest growing economies in 2013 and stands to benefit hugely from the national expansion of business aviation, both for domestic and international travel,” said Bill Harris, sales vice president for Asia and Asia Pacific, at this week’s Aero India show. “Cessna is optimistic that legislative and regulatory reforms this year will remove several barriers to India’s aircraft market development. With its unrivalled breadth of aircraft, we believe Cessna is superbly positioned to meet the country’s pent up customer demand.”

The Caravan single turboprop is being offered in India for a variety of business, utility and scheduled commuter applications, for which its ability to operate with minimal ground infrastructure is an advantage. “One of India’s pressing needs is to improve intra-state air links and the Caravan can cope with the most demanding terrain and is perfectly suited to the extremes of Indian weather,” said Harris. “With the launch of the high-power Grand Caravan EX this year, Cessna is better placed than ever to offer tough aircraft that keep going under the harshest conditions.”

At the Aero India show in Bangalore, Cessna is also exhibiting its Citation Mustang light jet.