Singapore Air Show

Changi Show Renamed, Again

 - December 1, 2006, 9:16 AM

The newly launched Changi International Airshow has already been renamed as the Singapore Airshow. The change was announced by Singapore’s deputy prime minister S. Jayakumar at the opening ceremony for Asian Aerospace 2006. Organizers have acknowledged that the Singapore Airshow is what most of the world has always called the Asian Aerospace show (which itself is now set to relocate to Hong Kong).

Today at Stand D306, there will be a briefing for prospective exhibitors for the new Singapore Airshow and they will have a chance to inspect plans for the impressive new site that is now being constructed at Changi East (see below). It could be a packed house because, according to Singapore officials, around half of the existing Asian Aerospace exhibitors have already signed up to attend.