Dubai Air Show

Boeing and Airbus in market forecast harmony

 - December 11, 2006, 6:31 AM

Hallelujah! Boeing and Airbus agree about something. The rival airframers both foresee a 20-year market in this region for 88 large airliners of Boeing 747 size or bigger. Outlining the U.S. manufacturer’s view of Middle East airlines’ demand for new aircraft until 2024, marketing vice president Randy Baseler said here at Dubai 2005 that operators would need 869 new aircraft.

The total comprises 386 single-aisle airplanes, including regional jets; 395 twin-aisle airplanes and 88 “747-and-larger” aircraft. The latter figure exactly matches the Airbus prediction for required new units in the period. All these aircraft are valued at $115.1 billion.

Baseler said traffic growth in the region would average some 5.5 percent per year through 2024, led by business between the Middle East and North Amercia, which would increase at 6.6 percent annually. This will be closely followed by that in Asia/Pacific and Africas, which will gain at 6.1 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

Traffic to Europe would be slightly below the average, at 5.1 percent a year, with the lowest increase being on intraregional routes that would see annual activity grow by 4.7 percent.