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Russell Adams now captures technical data with handheld

 - December 12, 2006, 6:31 AM

Russell Adams is offering a new software program for universal, direct data capture by an aircraft operator’s pilots and technicians. It is aimed at saving time and cost associated with translating data from paper into “something the business can use,” said Marwa Ammar, the company’s marketing manager.

Dubbed enterprise:eTL, the program automates the acquisition of technical log data used in the business systems such as Russell Adams’ enterprise:airline. The pilot or technician should use a handheld computer. The firm promises data can be “quickly and accurately” recorded while complying with aviation regulations. Enterprise:eTL can be customized to support the technical log process of the airline. The data is recorded once, validated once and then immediately integrated into the maintenance and operational business systems, Ammar said. It can accommodate several data transmission technologies.