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PPG Has Bell/Agusta, Airbus Windshields

 - December 13, 2006, 11:44 AM

Aircraft windows specialist PPG Aerospace Transparencies is to supply Bell/Agusta and Airbus. Bird-impact tests have been completed on three windshield configurations, claimed to be among the largest in aviation, designed for the Bell/Agusta AB139 helicopter. They include: a light stretched-acrylic laminate windscreen for standard conditions; an unheated, abrasion-resistant glass-laminate option for use in desert conditions; and a heated glass-laminate unit to meet antifogging requirements. Each one is more than 10 square feet in area.

Preliminary design has started on cockpit windows the company will provide for the turboprop-powered Airbus A400M military transport. The transparencies will be developed as standard units, alongside alternative armored variants of which a mockup was unveiled here.