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747-400 Brakes Improved

 - December 14, 2006, 10:06 AM

Goodrich Aircraft Wheels and Brakes has presented Virgin Atlantic a Boeing 747-400 Operational Excellence award in recognition of the 60-percent improvement in carbon brake life the carrier has realized since implementing the supplier’s recommendations.

“The magnitude of brake life improvement realized by Virgin Atlantic is a testament to the airline’s commitment to operational excellence,” said Aircraft Wheels and Brakes vice president Paul Snyder at yesterday’s presentation.

Jeff Livings, Virgin’s director of engineering, said achieving one of the highest average 747-400 brake-life levels reflected the tremendous efforts made to secure the lowest possible cost while ensuring the highest technical standards.

“It is also testament to the excellent cooperative relationship Virgin has shared with the Goodrich Wheels and Brakes division over recent years,” he added. “This relationship, coupled with the Goodrich product, is a potent combination in the ongoing drive to improve operational efficiency while maintaining control of costs