Pilots Wanted for Test To Assess English Proficiency

 - January 5, 2007, 10:04 AM

Commercial pilots and air traffic controllers who have English as a second language, as well as native speakers of English, are needed to participate in a test designed to measure spoken-English ability common in ATC/pilot radio communications internationally. The survey is being done by Harcourt Assessment in connection with an FAA program launched last year to improve the use of comprehensible English as the international language of ATC and support new English language proficiency standards that are scheduled to go into effect in 15 months. The test is administered by landline telephone, and a toll-free number is available in the U.S. and nearly two dozen other countries. The test takes about 30 minutes, and Harcourt is paying participants $25. Pilots and controllers can register for the test online. International Civil Aviation Organization member states must “adopt, and controllers and aircrews must conform to and achieve, new English language proficiency standards” by March next year.